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Brain Games & Brain Training – Lumosity

Brain Games & Brain Training – Lumosity.

The real tragedy of these brain training programs that are being offered is that you will forget that you signed up for one. They’re supposed to help with your memory, but how can they if you don’t remember to use them?

Rats exposed to mobile phone radiation for two hours a week experienced poorer results on a memory test than the control group that hadn’t been exposed to the radiation.

via Lab rats’ memory affected by mobile phones | National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand – Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market & More.

If lab animals experience negative effects from talking on a cell phone for only two hours a week, how about those guys who are talking on their phones nonstop? Time to check your head! Got ill communication…

Tough Economic Times Can Be Opportunity for IT Pros: Microsoft technologies help secure the role of IT through business innovation and cost savings..
Tech-Ed sounds like a place for technology in education, but it’s not. Instead, it’s Microsoft’s conference that is a kind of ad for Microsoft. A lot of it is online at the above address.

Facebook could learn a thing or two | Webware – CNET.

Various different competitors to Facebook. But the author doesn’t contemplate that his opinions about social site design might be biased. For example, having a consistent layout does have benefits in that it’s easy to remember where things are on pages.