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Taiwanese Students Excel in American Mathematics Competitions – Taipei Times

Taiwanese students demonstrated that they are really good at math again this year. Out of 412 students who got perfect scores in this year’s American Mathematics Competitions, which includes mostly problems about geometry and probability, 124 were Taiwanese. Thus, over 25% of the perfect scores on the test were from Taiwanese students. Although Taiwan has a strict school system that is not necessarily humanistic, it does allow the small percent who are really good at their subjects to excel.

3. The employment of foreign postgraduate students, graduate schools, or 1-year language courses will not be confined to occupations of their major course.

via 外籍英文老師-taiwanjobfair-News Article-Connecting English teachers and Professionals to jobs in Taiwan.

This means that foreigners can now get a job that they are hired for, whether or not the government believes the degree they received is valid for that occupation. A little step forward, I believe.