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Parallel points cloud

here is a better way to thread particles than the simple fork-and-join approach of OpenMP’s parallel for. It’s very simple to divide the work to run as tasks. Using tasks provides several benefits. Once you have a tasking system set up, it’s easier to add new tasks to increase parallelism throughout the code. Also, it’s easier to load balance and be platform-agnostic. If the task scheduler manages all parallel tasks, the program will avoid oversubscription. In this example, we don’t have to wait for all the particles for a given emitter to finish before moving to the next emitter and scheduling more tasks.

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Virtual clothing can wrinkle

Even the clothing of animated characters can attract wrinkles. The system works by detecting areas of a person’s shape that move or deform more than others. Then those areas are assumed to be clothing,  and with comparison to a predictive model of the underlying skeleton, the analysis concludes how the fabric moves on the body.

Scientific Journal to Authors: Publish in Wikipedia or Perish – ReadWriteWeb.

RNA Biology has a new requirement to authors who are accepted in their journal. Everyone must write a short article for Wikipedia that summarizes the findings of the article! The Wikipedia articles are also going to be reviewed by the journal. And also, after you publish the article on Wikipedia, anyone can edit it! It’s really an interesting idea, but I’m not sure whether Wikipedia is going to be able to handle hundreds of articles about RNA biology. Is it going to work out? That’s what remains to be seen.