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Building Ångström | The Ångström Distribution

Building Ångström | The Ångström Distribution.

Now that I have OPIE installed on my PDA (ASUS MyPal A716), I feel really happy. However, after a little more research I realize that OPIE hasn’t been officially maintained since about 2006. I contacted the guy who maintains the OPIE image for the A716, and he kind of suggested if there was any work to be done, it would be on the OPIE end.

Finally, I discovered that another group, Angstrom, has been working towards making Linux avilable for embedded devices such as the A716. And since they support the OPIE GUI, that’s cool. The next step, then, is for me to see about running Angstrom on my A716. Despite it’s age, the A716’s processor is a 400 MHz ARM PXA255, still a strong processor, I believe.

An additional thing that’s interesting about Angstrom is that people have succeeded using it to run Google Android with a Zaurus, a PDA which happens to have a PXA255. The question is, how much time do I have? My first step will be to get Angstrom running on the A716… Then, I’ll take it from there. ‘ll keep you posted.