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New videogame lets you slap CEO online.

New videogame lets you slap CEO online.
Would you leave this recession alone or confront it? Playing this game, if you leave the recession alone, you see lots of people asking for money, but you just don’t give them any. You can give them money or not give them money. If you give them all money, all the CEOs and defaulting homeowners, your economy will fail, but if you don’t give them any money you can slap them instead. That’s right, in this game you can slap those people who make monetary requests. So if you slap them all, your economy fails, but if you don’t slap them, do nothing, or give them money, the only other option is to QUIT THIS CRAZY GAME.

Republicans to flee D.C. for Inauguration – Jonathan Martin –

It seems that many Republicans have decided that it’s better to leave Washington, D.C., than to endure the inauguration of Obama, who suffered them a humiliating defeat. In many ways I suppose it’s akin to the cries of many Democrats in 2004 who pledged to leave the US until George Bush left office. My friend has already told me that she’s planning to go back to the US when that happens. But many of these Washington Republicans are professionals who, despite losing their jobs in politics, are still going be around in D.C. It is still at question whether they will return there after their impromtu vacations are over. News travels faster now that the Internet is here…