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How old are you, celebrity?

Hip-Hop’s  Benjamin Button – The Blender Burner.

People often use different ages. Akon says he’s 21 though his birth certificate says he’s 31. To get gold medals, the Chinese government took advantage of lenient rules based on trust that governments will honestly issue passports to Olympic gymnasts. Maybe I can be 24 again, and begin a career in the entertainment industry.

Pew study: Internet takes over papers as news source | Digital Media – CNET News.
News Flash: The Internet is taking over as the source of news! It’s only to be expected because it gives you the news when it’s new, not just a day later. Furthermore, the Internet is better because it’s got a lot of archives, so when you like to revisit old news stories, you don’t need to have scissors for the best ones!

Rats exposed to mobile phone radiation for two hours a week experienced poorer results on a memory test than the control group that hadn’t been exposed to the radiation.

via Lab rats’ memory affected by mobile phones | National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand – Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market & More.

If lab animals experience negative effects from talking on a cell phone for only two hours a week, how about those guys who are talking on their phones nonstop? Time to check your head! Got ill communication…

It’s Official: No Doors Without Jim Morrison | Listening Post from

Apparently Jim Morrison didn’t want to sell the song “Light My Fire” for the Buick advertisement. And 30 years later they aren’t selling out either. They refused a $15 million deal from Apple. And now the Doors are not to reform under that name, either. Life is hard when you’re a stranger…