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Court rejects RIAA’s ‘making available’ piracy argument | News Blog – CNET News.

Just putting your files somewhere accessible to others is no longer considered piracy under this court ruling, even when they are music files. For example, if you have a sharing folder, and you put the tracks from your new Snoop Dogg album there, that is not considered piracy even though other people might download it from your sharing folder. Thus, it’s not a crime to unknowingly place items in a folder that people can download from.

3. The employment of foreign postgraduate students, graduate schools, or 1-year language courses will not be confined to occupations of their major course.

via 外籍英文老師-taiwanjobfair-News Article-Connecting English teachers and Professionals to jobs in Taiwan.

This means that foreigners can now get a job that they are hired for, whether or not the government believes the degree they received is valid for that occupation. A little step forward, I believe.