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Anne Sullivan – Design Fast Websites

Anne Sullivan lets us know about how we can improve web code. Instead of designing one page at a time, we can first design the format of the headers, the text, etc. Then we can build modules. Finally we put the modules together to make a game.
Several companies like Amazon and Yahoo have investigated, to find that even 100 ms delays can lead to lack of page views. She advises that if we’re careful, we can make websites that have good performance. I reccommend her video!

Japanese group asks Google to stop map service (Reuters) by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech.

Google’s images of public places in Street View are causing discontent. Although the images are not live, they do occasionally catch people in the act. For example, one guy was captured leaving a strip club.

via Self-Promotion: 24-year-old poker player buys own TV ad.

For the fee of $500, you can take advantage of google’s cut rate TV-ad pricing and boost your own website. Since most people are watching TV while they surf the Internet, it’s a cheap way to get some hits. Seems that a 24 year old poker player did just that, hoping to trade the extra hits into some cash by marketing his “how-I-did-it” approach to winning money by online gambling. Too bad you’re going to lose more money on average when you gamble.