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Slashdot | More Climate Scientists Now Support Geoengineering.

Slashdot is reporting about a newspaper that asked climate scientists whether they support geoengineering, i.e. doing something to our planet to make the impact of global warming have less tragic results. It’s obvious that the governments and people of the world are concerned about global warming. But it’s also obvious that the climate won’t be fixed just by being concerned.

We should research how to cope with global warming. Efforts around the world to stop damaging the environment cannot be enough. Business that cause pollution aren’t going to stop because people demand these businesses to keep producing. Therefore, global warming will continue.

Geoengineering is likely to be enormously costly and may have unintended side effects. However, the more we delay our R&D, the less we will understand about the options available when those choices must be made due to an impending global ecological collapse.

Oil Is Not the Climate Change Culprit — It’s All About Coal | Wired Science from

Recent research shows that it’s not driving cars that’s really responsible for climate change and pollution: It’s burning coal. The thousands of coal burning plants around the world that help us to keep our lights on in the late hours of the night are making our planet Earth heat up like never before. Replacing that coal with oil is not a good answer, but we should really make a real effort to improve the cost effectiveness of alternative power creation methods. Spending $2 trillion to build = windmills in the US wouldn’t be such a bad idea.