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Evelyn Lin, Shame of China

Evelyn Lin, Shame of China

Evelyn Lin, Shame of China

China’s coming collapse: hidden crisis, global financial mess, corruption – Truth About China.

What would it take for an entire country such as China to collapse? Interestingly, a widescale collapse of Taiwanese business investments in China would definitely cause massive problems in that country, yet Taiwan’s government appears to be working directly towards such a situation in the hopes that it could somehow make reunification more possible.

But on the other hand, to claim that runaway corruption in China as this blog reports somehow threatens the legitimacy of the CCP ruling party seems overkill. Even among Chinese it’s widely acknowledged that bribery and nepotism is widespread, the only way that business can be done, it’s only disputed whether such behavior amounts to corruption. Corruption in China will continue to foster inequality and stagnation, yet on the other hand it is not until the Chinese can no longer reap wealth from the working class.

Grumpy miracle pig voted most popular animal – Yahoo! News.

Even pigs get grumpy and lazy when they get too much attention. Reminder: Don’t spoil your pigs!

Man Wins Lawsuit Against Online Vigilante Mob In China | Techdirt.

In China, online mobs are becoming a headache for the authorities, so they are losing lawsuits leveled. Basically it seems that freedom of speech is being threatened here, but the trouble is that the Chinese mobs are basically lynching people: When the crowd found out a guy whose wife committed suicide was adulterous and she had written about the affair in her diary, they made him lose his job and they vandalized his parents house.

One things pretty sure: If it had been a guy who had killed himself over a woman’s cheating, the authorities wouldn’t have stepped in when the online community made her life a little bit harder.

Weather rocket kills man and blows up his body at cremation – Telegraph.

The weather bureau in China killed someone with a weather rocket that didn’t explode. Apparently they didn’t do a good job of covering it up, because when his body was being cremated it exploded. That’s right: It blew up! Initially they tried to say that it was lightning, but the serial number on the remaining piece of metal lead investigators to find that it was caused by a weather rocket. It was still lodged in his body when they cremated the body, a practice that is really rushed in China. When it exploded in the cremation chamber, it blew off the doors.

If this had happened in the US, I think his family would have received millions. But this being China, at least the poor guy’s family gets a nominal settlement of $8000 from the weather bureau. Maybe it can help his family to pay for the lost wages of the primary earner.