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Analysis: GOP urging restraint in stimulus debate – Yahoo! News.

There was projected to be a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus at the end of the Bush presidency. But now there’s a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit. Where did those 6.8 trillion dollars go? The Republicans aren’t saying, but they do want it to be known that they will oppose any Democratic plans to do anything with money. Hopefully about 500 billion gets targeted towards recovering the GOP’s ill spent wealth that was borrowed from future generations.

If I had 6 trillion dollars, I’d invest it. At 2% yearly interest rates, that’s $50 per man, woman and child in the US. And if it was possible to get 10% interest, that would be $250 each. And by the way, that’s also leaving the 6 trillion dollars untouched. Harvard University seems to have done exactly that, so now they can offer about half of the students scholarships.

Three-in-Four Americans Glad Bush is Leaving: Angus Reid Global Monitor.

Americans aren’t going to miss him when he’s gone. In a study conducted for CNN, Americans were asked:

Which comes closer to your view of George W. Bush as he prepares to leave the White House?

I’m glad he is leaving 75%

I’ll miss him 22%

Not sure 3%

Republicans to flee D.C. for Inauguration – Jonathan Martin –

It seems that many Republicans have decided that it’s better to leave Washington, D.C., than to endure the inauguration of Obama, who suffered them a humiliating defeat. In many ways I suppose it’s akin to the cries of many Democrats in 2004 who pledged to leave the US until George Bush left office. My friend has already told me that she’s planning to go back to the US when that happens. But many of these Washington Republicans are professionals who, despite losing their jobs in politics, are still going be around in D.C. It is still at question whether they will return there after their impromtu vacations are over. News travels faster now that the Internet is here…