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Writing a research article

When writing a research article, several steps can be followed. But when I’m writing for a journal, and is it any different than writing for a university course?

For ecample, and take the following guide.

He suggests that we do a literature review first, and write up the introduction. Then we design and conduct the experiment.

This guide is for biology, not computer science, and it is for university classes, not academic publication. Nonetheless, couldn’t there be such a streamlined procedure for doing academic research?

For example, after amassing 10 articles and one to two books, I’d write a literature review and then an introduction. Then I would design and conduct an experiment, write it up, and then write a conclusion. That would be that. I think we need to try it and see how it goes. Onwards and upwards, ignore the furnaces of the paper factory.

Scientific Journal to Authors: Publish in Wikipedia or Perish – ReadWriteWeb.

RNA Biology has a new requirement to authors who are accepted in their journal. Everyone must write a short article for Wikipedia that summarizes the findings of the article! The Wikipedia articles are also going to be reviewed by the journal. And also, after you publish the article on Wikipedia, anyone can edit it! It’s really an interesting idea, but I’m not sure whether Wikipedia is going to be able to handle hundreds of articles about RNA biology. Is it going to work out? That’s what remains to be seen.