Weather rocket kills man and blows up his body at cremation – Telegraph.

The weather bureau in China killed someone with a weather rocket that didn’t explode. Apparently they didn’t do a good job of covering it up, because when his body was being cremated it exploded. That’s right: It blew up! Initially they tried to say that it was lightning, but the serial number on the remaining piece of metal lead investigators to find that it was caused by a weather rocket. It was still lodged in his body when they cremated the body, a practice that is really rushed in China. When it exploded in the cremation chamber, it blew off the doors.

If this had happened in the US, I think his family would have received millions. But this being China, at least the poor guy’s family gets a nominal settlement of $8000 from the weather bureau. Maybe it can help his family to pay for the lost wages of the primary earner.

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