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Ray Kurzweil speaks

Interesting speech by Kurzweil on YouTube today.

Someone asked a question at the end, asking:
With the improvement in speed of digital bits (and the slower transfer within the human brain), one day soon it may be faster to communicate person to person than within your own body. What does this mean socially?

It’s an interesting question, but I think it is not really a good question. Within the human body, most communication already takes place quite slowly, in the form of sending proteins and other chemicals around. In my opinion, normal speech already travels faster than the human circuitry. Does that mean that we are more communal than our bodies? Yes and no, of course. It means that things are different now because humans can talk. Will computers and digital communications mean differences in our society? I think yes, but not necessarily differences more than people’s society is different from animals.

I mean, look at bees. They communicate and live a hive like existence. That is because their communication only works when they are basically touching each other. Unless people have to be touching each other, I disagree that digital communications will make us more like bees. I suggest it will make us less communal.

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