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Best places to work in Australia

What are the best places to work?

This site publishes a nice list of different companies that are top in Australia.

YouTube – Isaac Asimov (1920- 1992 R.I.P.) April, 1986 Original air date You Tube Compression.

Isaac Asimov talks about his life and writing. He says that writing science articles is much the same as writing fiction. He uses the same style for both.

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How well do you sit?

Click to see more help with seating

Click to see more help with seating

Simple and Important Tips for Business Women

This article is just so predictable it just makes me shiver. The article begins by saying that professional women want to look good. So if you’re going to write such an article, you include tips on hair, makeup, nails, clothing, perfume, etc.

The problem is that it’s easy to be predictable. Maybe the author should have investigated current trends in business dress. For example, how about purses? Does a professional business woman need a Prada or Louis Vuitton (LV) purse? Will a larger purse be good?

Also, the article says nothing about attitude about clothing. For example, does the professional business woman discuss fashion issues with her peers?

Just a few observations on my part. So then the related topic will be how to create articles like this one automatically @_@