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New videogame lets you slap CEO online.

New videogame lets you slap CEO online.
Would you leave this recession alone or confront it? Playing this game, if you leave the recession alone, you see lots of people asking for money, but you just don’t give them any. You can give them money or not give them money. If you give them all money, all the CEOs and defaulting homeowners, your economy will fail, but if you don’t give them any money you can slap them instead. That’s right, in this game you can slap those people who make monetary requests. So if you slap them all, your economy fails, but if you don’t slap them, do nothing, or give them money, the only other option is to QUIT THIS CRAZY GAME.

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Michelle Malkin drops the truth

Michelle Malkin – The truth about ACORN foreclosure poster child.

Some people make the stupidest comments on blogs. For example, someone said that a group of people breaking into a house was not trespassing, since they thought that burglary was more appropriate. The reason they gave is that burglary means to enter a house with intent to commit another crime. But the stupid thing is that they said that the other crime they intended to commit was trespass!

Well, you can’t say that it’s burglary just because they were trespassing. It’s prosecution for the same crime. Burglary in most jurisdictions means trespassing with intent to commit another crime that is a felony. So it’s really silly to take legal advice from some random post on the Internet!

What they should have said is that there was intent to commit another crime, such as vandalism. Silly!

Spaces of Interaction: An Online Conversation on Improving Traditional Conferences

Recently, an online conference devoted to improving conferences was held. It was quite interesting. Many of the seminars focused on transforming conferences through video streaming, and on
Internet materials now available. There are recordings of all of the seminars on that site, so click on the link above and check it out.

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10,000 foot view of Remoting – AMFPHP

10,000 foot view of Remoting

For a clean overview of how AMFPHP uses AMF (Actionscript Message Format), check out the documents at Although more information than is provided on the site was still necessary for me to connect with my database, the help docs here are really great. Compared to the documentation for some other open-source projects, this one is really helpful. And since there’s a big community for AMFPHP, there are many helpful code snippets and tutorials on the Internet for it these days.

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