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How to Understand a Trillion-Dollar Deficit – TIME.

A trillion dollars is a lot of money. But it’s not enough to get to the moon. That would take four trillion dollars. If you had four trillion one dollar bills lined up end-to-end, it could extend from the Earth all the way to the Moon. That’s a lot of money!

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How old are you, celebrity?

Hip-Hop’s  Benjamin Button – The Blender Burner.

People often use different ages. Akon says he’s 21 though his birth certificate says he’s 31. To get gold medals, the Chinese government took advantage of lenient rules based on trust that governments will honestly issue passports to Olympic gymnasts. Maybe I can be 24 again, and begin a career in the entertainment industry.


Nowadays, Moore’s Law means not only are our computers more powerful, but also that it’s easier and cheaper for consumers to get DIY electronics products that are really powerful. Following in the path of Arduino, you can check out FPGA USB 2.0 hardware modules, which allow you to do your own designing of hardware. And you can program them in languages like C and Python, which means that assembly code is not needed!

It’s obvious that this trend will continue. One day, we may all be able to have any electronics products we like easily made–by ourselves if we so desire. But will schools be teaching the kinds of skills needed for learning about this kind of engineering? Or will we be reliant on low-paid workers to make our products for us? Is it worth building our electronics ourselves, when we can easily go to the store and buy an iPhone instead?


Flashcards are a great way to learn about anything really, especially vocabulary. So by using the Leitner method, we can improve our language ability. I’m especially interested in how this can be done in computer aided learning.

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