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Taiwanese Students Excel in American Mathematics Competitions – Taipei Times

Taiwanese students demonstrated that they are really good at math again this year. Out of 412 students who got perfect scores in this year’s American Mathematics Competitions, which includes mostly problems about geometry and probability, 124 were Taiwanese. Thus, over 25% of the perfect scores on the test were from Taiwanese students. Although Taiwan has a strict school system that is not necessarily humanistic, it does allow the small percent who are really good at their subjects to excel.

Slashdot | Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?

Someone asked a great question: Is there much opportunity to study computer science abroad? Most people suggested India or Europe, without mentioning that there are more and more university in Asia that are offering programs in English. And since they charge about 10% of what they charge in the US, it could be a great way to pick up an affordable degree from a top university.

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Seduction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Seduction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Another word for seduction is “wheedling”. Seduction means to tempt or entice someone, usually for something sexual. As sexual things are frowned upon by the religious authorities, anything that is sinfully pleasurable, such as a calorie-laden chocolate bar, can seduce you.

It used to be illegal to seduce an unmarried person with the promise of marriage, and it was the father who could sue for damages lost if his son or daughter was so seduced.

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard wrote “The Seducer’s Diary”.

CodeProject: Font Survey: 41 of the Best Monospaced Programming Fonts. Free source code and programming help.
There are a lot of different fonts that are good for programming. Some features that make one font better than another include general readability, of course, but also whether different characters are distinguishable. For example, do “l” and “1” and “I” look the same or different? How about “0” and “O”?

Beyonce Prompts Single Ladies, Men And Kids To Remake Her Video – Hip-Hop Media Training.
There are many memes around the net. So here’s another one: The Dance like Beyonce in Single Ladies Meme. You can see all kinds of crazy dancing!