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Anne Sullivan – Design Fast Websites

Anne Sullivan lets us know about how we can improve web code. Instead of designing one page at a time, we can first design the format of the headers, the text, etc. Then we can build modules. Finally we put the modules together to make a game.
Several companies like Amazon and Yahoo have investigated, to find that even 100 ms delays can lead to lack of page views. She advises that if we’re careful, we can make websites that have good performance. I reccommend her video!

Spaces of Interaction: An Online Conversation on Improving Traditional Conferences

Recently, an online conference devoted to improving conferences was held. It was quite interesting. Many of the seminars focused on transforming conferences through video streaming, and on
Internet materials now available. There are recordings of all of the seminars on that site, so click on the link above and check it out.

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Lost Garden – Post-it note design docs.

Lost Garden – Post-it note design docs.

Prototyping games is not such an easy task for one person to do alone. But when you’re working with another person, how are you going to create prototype games and test them? Check out the Post-it note design docs for some info.


Nowadays, Moore’s Law means not only are our computers more powerful, but also that it’s easier and cheaper for consumers to get DIY electronics products that are really powerful. Following in the path of Arduino, you can check out FPGA USB 2.0 hardware modules, which allow you to do your own designing of hardware. And you can program them in languages like C and Python, which means that assembly code is not needed!

It’s obvious that this trend will continue. One day, we may all be able to have any electronics products we like easily made–by ourselves if we so desire. But will schools be teaching the kinds of skills needed for learning about this kind of engineering? Or will we be reliant on low-paid workers to make our products for us? Is it worth building our electronics ourselves, when we can easily go to the store and buy an iPhone instead?


Flashcards are a great way to learn about anything really, especially vocabulary. So by using the Leitner method, we can improve our language ability. I’m especially interested in how this can be done in computer aided learning.