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Is government spending too easy an answer? – International Herald Tribune.

An economic advisor to George W. Bush just wrote an article that criticized the idea that government spending could save the economy. However, he failed to note the effects of diverting hundreds of billions of dollars from the US economy to fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. At least government spending will keep the money in the country. And if there’s money, more money can be made.

And he’s correct enough to warn that government spending isn’t enough. For example, the 700 billion that was given to the US Treasury department. Perhaps it’s time for Bush’s advisors to realize that eight years of disastrous presidency is not a temporary problem; but I assume that’s contrary to their ethicslessness spinmongering.

Analysis: GOP urging restraint in stimulus debate – Yahoo! News.

There was projected to be a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus at the end of the Bush presidency. But now there’s a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit. Where did those 6.8 trillion dollars go? The Republicans aren’t saying, but they do want it to be known that they will oppose any Democratic plans to do anything with money. Hopefully about 500 billion gets targeted towards recovering the GOP’s ill spent wealth that was borrowed from future generations.

If I had 6 trillion dollars, I’d invest it. At 2% yearly interest rates, that’s $50 per man, woman and child in the US. And if it was possible to get 10% interest, that would be $250 each. And by the way, that’s also leaving the 6 trillion dollars untouched. Harvard University seems to have done exactly that, so now they can offer about half of the students scholarships.

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Parents ‘Keeping in Touch Online’

Nearly a quarter use [social networking] sites as their main method of communication, while 35 percent use email primarily.

via Parents ‘Keeping in Touch Online’.

What did parents do before telephones? The world must have been a lonely place 100 years ago. If your kids moved out of town, you wouldn’t have been able to keep in touch with them except through letter writing. Nowadays, many parents are staying in touch with their kids through social networking sites. My mom can chat with me on IM. And email’s a good way to keep in touch, too..

Lack of Internet ‘Costing Families £70 a Month’.

It might seem like being online takes a lot of time away from doing actual work. But in fact, if you’re not online, you’re losing money. Those families that don’t have the internet are losing money, simply because they don’t get informed about where things are cheapest.

Asus Reveals Eee Keyboard, M50 Notebook With Mini-screen (PC World) by PC World: Yahoo! Tech.

Here’s a great idea: The Eee Keyboard. It’s a keyboard with a built in computer. It’s quite similar to the Eee Box, which is an extremely small computer that requires peripherals to be attached. The big difference is that you can lug the Eee Keyboard to anywhere there’s a monitor, plug it in, and type away, all without the necessity of also bringing a keyboard. Haven’t seen any pictures yet online…