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Posted By Tommy – Object-Oriented Game Design – Object-Oriented Game Design.

B. L. Hannah’s article about Object-Oriented Game Design is nice because it’s readable. It makes a good argument for object oriented design in games. Generally, game books don’t focus on OOP, perhaps because games are more easily considered in terms of architecture. But this article is great because it gives a clear breakdown of what a game is in 5 basic parts:

  1. Game Entity – Any “things” in the game, such as avatars, obstacles, or enemies.
  2. Game Action – A model that represents any actions that entities invoke. Actions may affect other entities. This model represents the game mechanics.
  3. Game Form – The appearance of the entities when the game is running.
  4. Game State – Data that keeps track of the entities or their forms.
  5. Game Space – The collection of the different objects in the game. It also includes sorting, which may be done to optimize the game.

Using only these five components, basically any computer game can be implemented. Though each componoent has little to do by itself, in conjunction with the others, the relationships form the heart of the system.

From these humble beginnings, the author goes on to outline how each of the levels can be conceptualized.

8 ways to ruin your chances to retire – Yahoo! Finance.

Some people consider working for their entire life. Perhaps there will be some jobs for 80 year olds when I get to that age. But in order to prepare for retirement, there are a few things to do. For one thing, saving and investing can be helpful. Another thing is preparing for future uncertainties, not an easy thing to do!

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How to Succeed in Tech in a Downturn – PC World

How to Succeed in Tech in a Downturn – PC World.

As the economy tanks, the IT sector is shedding jobs. So how can you succeed in such an environment? This article from PC World sketches the basics: Get marketable skills!

Taiwanese Students Excel in American Mathematics Competitions – Taipei Times

Taiwanese students demonstrated that they are really good at math again this year. Out of 412 students who got perfect scores in this year’s American Mathematics Competitions, which includes mostly problems about geometry and probability, 124 were Taiwanese. Thus, over 25% of the perfect scores on the test were from Taiwanese students. Although Taiwan has a strict school system that is not necessarily humanistic, it does allow the small percent who are really good at their subjects to excel.