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Handbook of Monte Carlo Methods

This book is going to be published in 2011. It explains in detail the theory and practice of Monte Carlo methods. For example, it will explain how to generate billions of random numbers and ensure that the numbers are really random. For example, MATLAB uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm by default, but in fact, this method is not suitable for Monte Carlo methods because of the fact that when you get an extremely low number from this algorithm, the next number will more likely be a low number as well. So, this book will teach us how to generate the random numbers appropriate to Monte Carlo methods.

The official citation for the book is:

D.P. Kroese, T. Taimre, Z.I. Botev (2011). Handbook of Monte Carlo Methods,
Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics, John Wiley and Sons, New York.

Currently, the site contains all the MATLAB code for the book. Although we don’t have the book yet, this means that we can still work through the problems. The site is at:

The book is currently listed at $127.72, but it looks like this price is including a 12% discount already. I suppose that after the preorder is finished, the price will go up to $145. You can preorder the book at Amazon.

YouTube – Isaac Asimov (1920- 1992 R.I.P.) April, 1986 Original air date You Tube Compression.

Isaac Asimov talks about his life and writing. He says that writing science articles is much the same as writing fiction. He uses the same style for both.

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Daily Builds Are Your Friend

Daily Builds Are Your Friend

This is a fun though old (2001) article about “daily builds”. It means that you should have a stable system that you’re working on… Unfortunately, my system was working last week, with lots of kids testing it. There wasn’t really a bug, but the data reporting was subpar, so I decided it was the right time to.

I assumed it would only take a couple hours to update, but silly me, it took a bit longer for each step. I updated the build and the drill sections. Finally I’m updating the play section, which seems to be working except that right now the text boxes aren’t showing up on the screen. I know it’s working because I can hear the voice speaking out the word, but I can’t see the boxes. Well, I have barely delved into what’s going wrong, so I assume it can be fixed quickly and easily..

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10,000 foot view of Remoting – AMFPHP

10,000 foot view of Remoting

For a clean overview of how AMFPHP uses AMF (Actionscript Message Format), check out the documents at Although more information than is provided on the site was still necessary for me to connect with my database, the help docs here are really great. Compared to the documentation for some other open-source projects, this one is really helpful. And since there’s a big community for AMFPHP, there are many helpful code snippets and tutorials on the Internet for it these days.


Flashcards are a great way to learn about anything really, especially vocabulary. So by using the Leitner method, we can improve our language ability. I’m especially interested in how this can be done in computer aided learning.