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YouTube – Isaac Asimov (1920- 1992 R.I.P.) April, 1986 Original air date You Tube Compression.

Isaac Asimov talks about his life and writing. He says that writing science articles is much the same as writing fiction. He uses the same style for both.

China’s coming collapse: hidden crisis, global financial mess, corruption – Truth About China.

What would it take for an entire country such as China to collapse? Interestingly, a widescale collapse of Taiwanese business investments in China would definitely cause massive problems in that country, yet Taiwan’s government appears to be working directly towards such a situation in the hopes that it could somehow make reunification more possible.

But on the other hand, to claim that runaway corruption in China as this blog reports somehow threatens the legitimacy of the CCP ruling party seems overkill. Even among Chinese it’s widely acknowledged that bribery and nepotism is widespread, the only way that business can be done, it’s only disputed whether such behavior amounts to corruption. Corruption in China will continue to foster inequality and stagnation, yet on the other hand it is not until the Chinese can no longer reap wealth from the working class.

We Underestimate The Benefits And Overestimate The Dangers Of Openness | Techdirt.

People seem to naturally distrust openness. I’d imagine that foreigners have more often than not been viewed with certain level distrust. So this natural instinct to close off, to hide things from others has made trade secrets very popular. But now that more people are realizing that openness can provide many benefits, the spread of openness is increasing. The author of the blog thinks that the box of openness, once “opened”, will be difficult or impossible to put back.

Broadband Stimulus Plan: How About Some Data First? | Epicenter from

There’s already enough data to demonstrate that there are Americans who don’t have access to the Internet. However, this article tries to knock down the idea that access to the Internet is important. In fact, access to broadband is more important than telephones, but many poor people in the US don’t know that.

This article mixes two topics together. The jobs that are needed to stimulate the US economy are not going to be made just by rolling out broadband. The article tries to position itself as a knowledgeable source yet offers no real ways to test Internet penetration. I’d like to see the rebuttals to this article. Blogs – A man – Motivational Funnyman D’Andre Siggas MySpace Blog.
The Internet is cool. It allows people to share their lives with others much more than ever. Siggas is a comedian who has a live show every few days online. People can interact with him directly while he gives his show. It’s pretty funny…